She's such a big girl masha'Allah!

Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that we’ve taken a family trip to see the in-laws. We’ll be spending the last 10 days of Ramadan here, praying Lalatul Qadar at the amazing Grand Mosque and hopefully praying behind my favourite male reciter. We’ll also be spending the three days of ‘Eid party jumping and hanging out with the extended family.

Anyway, despite a flight cancellation and taking a day and a half just to travel from Toronto to Washington, the 14 hour flight to Kuwait was lovely! Eryn was a dream and I finally got to watch Thor.

At the moment as I battle my way through jet lag, my initial thoughts on Kuwait this time around is that it’s hot. But not bad. Just suck-all-the-moisture-from-your-eyeballs hot.

Shopping was interesting. Only being able to find imported hotdogs from France gives new meaning to the word “local.”


The stores are all decked out in blue and silver decorations for Ramadan. Crescent moons and stars galore.

Another clue that you’ve landed in Kuwait is that familiar North American marketing campaigns look slightly different:

This Pampers mom has a new censored, long-sleeved blue t-shirt. I think the original is red or beige with short sleeves.

And visiting the local park can really only happen at night.

It was still really hot. But check out the mosque right next door!