There’s a new little critter on the blog. I found the currently star of my banner at Mubarakiya — an old, and extremely colourful market. Tonight I was on the search for shawls, prayer beads and an abaya for Eryn, And when you want authenticity at a great haggling price, you head to this old souq.

Since we only come out at night (it’s dark by 6:30pm but still blazing hot — and I married into a family of vampires), I thought I’d do some lazy photoblogging on some of the nightlife I’ve encountered. We’ve got gold, firemen, spashpads and ice cream. What an exciting saucy combo!


Lots of colourful kitsch at this souvenir stand in Mubarakiya.

There are hundreds of kiosks selling everything from kitchen ware, beauty products, clothing, and expensive incense.

... as well as gold. Lot's of gorgeous 22-24 carat gold.

Kuwaiti splashpad!

A Kuwaiti fireman lounging on a diwan outside the fire hall. I think he's the June model for the local charity Calendar.

A Kuwaiti youth looks for a store in the Farwaniya district.

Two men talk over ice cream while a third keeps an eye on his DVDs for sale in Farwaniya. I love the woman sitting on the pillar. I didn't notice her when I took the picture. She seems contemplative and peaceful.