We’re on our way back to Canada, and once we return you’ll also insha’Allah see a return of regular posting. Until then, more lazy photoblogging!

We’ve really had a brilliant time and I’m actually not looking forward to leaving. I’m really, really going to miss the easy of Muslim life and being on holiday of course.

Eryn and her cousin on their first carnie ride!

Why get a tattoo sleeve when you can get a sleeve with tattoos? The perfect gift for the rebellious, yet disconserning muhajabah.

The sun rising as fishermen search for full waters in Kuwait Bay.

Shadows in the dark.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a song that’s playing all the time on every radio station, in every mall, with about five remixes. Eryn just loves it as asks for “bis-bis” or her “muqisa” every time we’re in the car.

It’s a love song of sorts. Very popish and fun to dance to.