I’ve been noticeably absent from answering e-mails, tweeting and most obviously, posting regularly. I’ve found some difficulty in coming back to reality after my extended holiday — and then Eryn got sick and I’m under the weather while trying to catch up on work, blah blah, complain, moan and excuses.

I saw this poem on the subway last night and it was so lovely that it’s inspired me to get back on the horse. I want to paint mice wearing pants too.

the creatures

Caged in your sleep
may the great beasts
bless & protect you always

the bears of loving kindness

the wise Blakean tigers
of wrath & the horses of

Dream untroubled
by paradox of proportion — the ladybug
bigger than the cat
the mouse as large as the elephant
& wearing pants

In their all-forgiving silence
may they love you in ways we fail to
these friends of first refuge
the peaceable kingdom
where the lion lies down with the lamb

– Glen Downie