Recently Eryn’s vocabulary has exploded and I’m amazed at how she just strings the most random things together and is still understood by almost everyone she meets.

Eryn telling a story:

Booooouuuuuh! Elephant. Tsk, owa arm. Wah, crying. Mama! Mama baby! Mama kissy! Okay!
“Oh, the elephant fell down and hurt his arm and his mom picked him up and made it better?”

Eryn talking to an imaginary friend on the phone:

Hello? Halima! Hi. Yeah. A B C D E F G 8 9 10 Lam Mim Nun. Okay bye!

Because saying the alphabet is precisely what’s necessary in having a conversation. I’m just dying to know what “A B C D” means to her.


Now, recently she’s been getting her Arabic and English mixed up in the most hilarious ways — and with words that I’d never associate as sounding similar.

When we pray or after she sneezes:

Almillah, chocolata!

Which is supposed to be, Alhamdulillah wa shukrillah, Praise and thanks be to God. But I’m sure God accepts chocolate too.

And absolutely, Praise God for chocolate.

Eryn's word for song is "la-la-la-la." When she asks to hear Baa-baa Black Sheep, she naturally says "Baa-Baa la!"

Eryn is also obsessed with the Slippery Fish song, or to be more precise, with the Tuna Fish verse of the song. Everything has to end in “tuna fish” — like saying, “eh” or “ya know what I mean?” So when repeating after the call to prayer:

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! La iiaha illa Allah!
….illa Allah. Tuna Fish!

Which of course makes it extremely difficult to keep a straight face during prayer.

Water is still "bubbles" -- whether it's in the tub, in a puddle or at Niagara Falls.

And today when Baba asked Eryn why we prayed, she poignantly said, “Book. Jump.”

We looked at each other nodding. It makes sense. When the Qur’an says to jump, you jump.