Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was fantastic! It’s a little late, but here’s this week’s edition of the roundup. Now, it may have been the fact that two people were rude to me for no (apparent) reason outside of my hijab, and a third asked me personally to explain why “those people” would praise God for the death of Gaddafi, but something’s got my hijab in a bunch and I’ve let loose on a few hijab-related articles. This week we’ve got: gendered Islamophoboa, hijab and fatigues, hijab for hijab’s sake, and the hawttest hijab.


Mona Tabesh, Auxiliary Police Constable, wears her totally radical uniform.

1) In a breath of fresh air for religious accommodation, last August the Toronto Police force announced that Muslim female police officers can wear the hijab as part of their uniform if they so wish.

The Media reaction months later? Run for the hills. It’s the Islamization of the Toronto Police force! David Menzies of the Toronto Sun takes it upon himself to pontificate about hijab in the hopes of liberating the poor oppressed Muslim Canadian woman and saving our secular police force from having ham sandwiches banned in the name of religious accommodation.

In a more horrifically racist, incendiary and discriminatory response, Ezra Levant for the Sun spouts:

Imagine you call the police because you believe there’s an honour killing, God forbid, in your neighbourhood — and a police woman shows up with the Toronto Police Service and she’s *gasp* wearing a hijab, the Muslim head covering… *gasp*

I am critical of radical Islam, and if I had a police woman come to me wearing the hijab trying to arrest me, I would say, ‘You’re not arresting me as a cop. You’re arresting me as a radical believer in a radical strain of Islam.‘ I mean what’s next? A full niqab? My view is if you are a secular officer of the law, come and enforce the law. If you want to be a priest or a rabbi or an imam, go to your mosque or church or synagogue.

(Gasping and emphasis added.)

Sweetheart, here’s a newsflash for you: hijab does not equal anything remotely radical (unless you mean totally awesome) and is certainly not even an indication that a woman has entered some kind of restrictive, sacred, insular lifestyle.

I fear for all the former priests who became cops, for every cop who wears a cross, a yarmulke or turban — for certainly they too are radical examples of their faith and will be placed under similar scrutiny. Right? You’re not just engaging in Gendered Islamophobia because you’re being misogynist by jumping at “creeping shari’a” shadows? Right? RIGHT!?!

(ps… don’t reason that because India was colonialized, it makes it “safe” and “okay” for you to accept the turban. That’s outrageously narrow minded and racist.)

2) Instead of slumming it like the Sun, the Toronto Star decided to run a great piece on hijab — where they actually asked women in hijab to talk about their experiences. What a novel concept!

In the very literally titled, Women in hijab say it completes their identity, three young women take a moment to share the reasons why they wear hijab:

To some it is effortless but as essential as “putting on a pair of shoes,” as a hijab-clad woman walking along Toronto’s waterfront said recently. Others do it unwillingly to appease families. “Hijab wasn’t enough for my husband,” says a woman who has since stopped wearing it. “He would have liked niqab (which covers the entire face except for the eyes).”

[But many] hijab-wearers are moved by faith or motivated by political ideals. And some are grateful for the desexualizing effect of a scarf and loose clothing. It makes them less approachable, more “respected,” they say.

Natch! And thanks TorStar for avoiding the always tempting bad veil puns.

3) Ahhh the morning smoke. That lovely time around 11am when you’ve lined up your files from the morning and have a few minutes for a quick puff. Or the afternoon water-cooler gossip about last night’s True Blood episode. Taking a moment to flirt with the deli girls instead of attending to that cleanup in aisle 7? Go for it. But don’t you dare take a moment to perform the Islamic prayer without punching out first.

At least, that’s what Hertz told 26 employees before firing them.

4) After students flipped a car and set it on fire, attacked police officers with beer bottles, caused over $200,000 in drunken, exuberant city damages and after 30 years of growing hysteria around the annual Homecoming event, my Alma Matter canceled Homecoming for five years.

But instead of canceling a Homecoming parade for everyone, fearing mass hysteria and pandemonium due to one itty-bitty hijab, Ravenwood High School in Tennessee instead banned a 14 year old girl from participating. After practicing all week for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps parade, Demin Zawity was pulled aside by her commanding officer and told that she could not march in hijab, as per Army regulations.

But, women in the Army wear hijab all the time in Afghanistan…

5) Finally, if there is anyone that can make hijab look HAWT, it’s Hana Tajima.

Hana is a YouTube hijab tutorial sensation. I’ve always been a fan of her creative and inventive styles — and straightforward manner of teaching us how to wear hijab. But this video just blows my mind.

Love. Love. Love.