You may have noticed that posting is a little light these days.

There are a couple of reasons for this — but the most immediate is that I’ve taken a few weeks off to care for Eryn while her caregivers relax on a beach. This means that instead of reading the massive list of blogs I keep up with or the articles I have on my plate, and instead of writing the posts that I’m DYING to release from the confines of my brain and imagination, I’m doing this:

Moment later, tempera paint was all over the inside of her mouth. Note the mismatched socks. Oh yeah. That's how we roll.

and this:

So Eryn, what are your thoughts on the intersections of gender and sexuality on hijab?

and this:

Okay fine. I get it. You're too cool for mama.

So I’ve spent lots of time negotiating defiant “no’s!,” baking cookies, bus commuting to Montessori, watching Winnie the Pooh (for the millionth time), and overall just being Eryn’s round-the-clock best friend and snuggle buddy.

If I can get the “roundup” out this weekend I’ll be ecstatic.

You can expect things to return back to posting “normality” sometime after next week. Insha’allah!