Q: What has two hearts and dreams of soaring through time and space?

A: Time Lords

…and me

That’s my cryptic way of announcing that insha’Allah sometime in early spring, Eryn will have a little sibling to play with.

And it’s not just any old day in spring. Average human gestation predictions have the baby arriving on none other than Star Wars Day. You can just imagine how EXCITED I am at that prospect. A true sci-fi geek is in the making!

So now you know why posting has been a little light around here. The first trimester was Alhamdulillah, pretty good in terms of nausea. Lucky me I’m one of those women who experiences moderate queasiness nausea 24/7 and solves it easily with lots of deep fried carbs. Pizza, french fries, dosas, and shepherd’s pie makes my tummy sing, and has really helped develop my additional “maternal stores.” But the exhaustion, foggy brain and running around after a toddler just took a number on me.

But things are on the up and up. The fog is lifting and the energy is returning. Of course, the emotions are now swinging. I can’t get through Love You Forever without completely melting into a sobbing mess. And oh joy, Eryn wants it read to her at least three times a night.

“The little one” and myself are well and healthy and that’s all that matters at the moment.