Oh my goodness, it’s a Thanksgiving miracle! Welcome to the Black Friday edition of the roundup! But instead of talking about what makes Thanksgiving a traditional Muslim holiday, groaning at a right-wing religious gathering calling for the expulsion of ALL American Muslims back to the Middle East, or cheering the outcome of last year’s Mississauga niqab assault case — I’m instead going to do a good olde fashioned blogger link-up to celebrate the amazing pieces I’ve come across recently.

So here’s a list of posts from brilliant, inspiring, touching and thought-provoking bloggers who you should be reading if you’re not already.

If you’ve come across something interesting, or have written something awesome, and want to share it with a new audience, drop it in the comments section for everyone to check out! Everyone is welcome to join in.


  • If you’re allergic to PDAs, music at weddings, having fun in the dunya, and instead prefer to take a hard path to your Islam, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve won the More Pious than the Prophet award. In his simply wonderful post, Mezba sardonically tackles what it really means to have absurd expectations of piety.

So, the problem is not God, the conflict is not Islam, but Patriarchy.

I accuse Patriarchy and its violent, sexist and unfair interpretations of divine message to be the real reason for the abuses against Muslim women in the name of Islam;

Patriarchy and its total lack of respect and mercy;

Patriarchy and its fear for social justice

Patriarchy and its suppression of women rights granted in Quran.

I declare Patriarchy as a system not belonging to original Islam; without any comparison to Prophet Muhammad (saw) living example;

Patriarchy, a foreign ideology that pollutes the essence of our religion and twisted interpretations to put a part of humanity – we women- under conditions of inequality, far away from our human rights that have been granted us by God.

  • Nida at PinkMusings has reinvented her blog! Be sure to check out her hilarious,  Paper-Bag-Princess-inspired post, Dear Prince Charming. Poor bloke won’t know what’s hit him when he realises princesses don’t need rescuing.
  • In Project Humanize Muslims, the spectacular Organica interviews 21 amazing Muslims to prove that being awesome, outspoken, liberal, unique, beautifully diverse, highly educated, independent, and successful ARE traits held by Muslims all over the world.
  • Going ga-ga over TLC’s new show All-American Muslim? Think it’s a great way to showcase the Muslim American community? That it’ll actively change the anti-Muslim perceptions currently stampeding across the country? Read Sana Saeed’s review of the show before getting too excited.
  • From the gloomy depths of Arabia… Slithering into unsuspecting hearts… comes a new reality we can no longer ignore: WHITE WOMEN ARE CONVERTING TO ISLAM!!  *GASP* The HORROR! In her fair and excellent appraisal of media coverage on the biggest study to look at Muslim converts, Lara Alamad for Muslimah Media Watch thinks it’s probably best to speak to more than one type of convert to uncover the truth about being a convert to Islam (and before locking up your daughters).
  • Did you change your name to become “more” Muslim after conversion? (I did!) Does “offering” your prayers in Arabic sometimes make you feel disconnected from God, especially when you’ve forgotten what the words mean? (yeppers!) Do you ever wonder why people tsk over you naming your child Noah or Jacob? (not yet anyway) Do you just feel closer to God when calling God, “God” — instead of referring to God as “Allah?” (you betcha!) Well then the Balancing Arabization According to the Qur’an and Sunnah series is for you! Check out all four parts on SuhaibWebb.com.
  • Finally, what good is Thanksgiving weekend without a little turkey. Or in Pamela Geller’s case, a massive, stealth, jihadist, halal turkey! In his hilarious post, Wajahat Ali uncovers that yes, it’s true, while non-Muslims are recovering from their food-induced comas this weekend, American Muslims are transforming America into a radical Caliphate guided by Sharia law. Mu-wahaha-hahaha-haha-ha.