Okay, it’s really Tuesday. But it’s my blog and I can backdate if I want to.

The past few weekends have been pretty fun for all of us — but especially for Eryn.

Last week she visited ‘Amma and got to see her train for her very first boxing match.

Eryn looks on while 'Amma does a little "one-two" sparring action.

I’m very proud to say that alhamdulillah, ‘Amma kicked some serious butt and after 3 rounds got a TKO! Her hijab barely broke a sweat.

Here’s Eryn taking on some serious reading of Surah at-Tur — a very serious chapter.

When asked, "What does the Qur'an say?" Eryn naturally replied, "Alhamdulillah, chocolata."

And just a few days ago, Baba decided to show off his riding skills with a trip to the ranch. We braved the muck and got really close and personal with Knickers.

With every child Baba is determined to pick up a new hobby. Next baby will either be archery or fencing.

She loved every second and we smelled like horse all day long. Gorgeous creatures.