Why is it that I’m always running on Mondays? I thought they were reserved for bleary-eyed, coffee junkies willing their brain to snap back into work-mode? Yep, sounds like me. I guess that’s why I’m always running on Mondays.

We had a fantastic weekend of “baking” and tree decorating:

Easy bake mini turtles.

These are my new favourite snack. Chocolate turtles!

Mini pretzels, Rollo’s and pecan halves.  Lay out your pretzels on a cookie sheet and place a Rollo on each one. Heat in the oven (350F) for 2 minutes. Squish pecan halves into the soft deliciousness and cool (I threw them into the fridge for a half hour or so… but eat them at room temperature or else the caramel will shatter in your mouth!).


"Eryn hug baby!"

Eryn is ridiculous in her love for the “little one.” She pats every belly, including her own, saying, “Womb. Baby!” It’s extra special when she pats my dad’s spare tire.

She even kisses the “little one” goodnight and tries to feed dinner to my belly button.


Do you see this box of delightful meat pies? This is local business doing it right. I had a craving for some Trini meat pies — but no one near me makes a halal option. Al-Safa sells halal Jamaican patties… but to tell you the truth, Al-Safa makes some pretty gross product. Sorry, but I’ve never been happy with their quality or where they get their meat from.

Through work I found a woman who caters West Indian food — and she recently discovered there’s an entire community begging for halal specialty foods. Long story short, alhamdulillah, last week she started a halal line and I get to feed my craving while supporting a local start-up.

Admiring some spectacular decorating skills at Oma and Opa's house.

I’m not sure what I love most about this picture. Eryn staring in awe at all of the pretty lights — or the framed picture of a niqaabi surrounded by so much Christmas decor.