Oh baby it’s cold outside — so grab some tea and a “holiday” cookie and warm up to the weekly Muslim roundup.

We’ve got sexy Muslim women, tones of happy hijab stories, and a bunch of Muslim Christmas cheer.


1) Sounding like it just rolled off the Sex in the City 2  screenplay, the National Post reports on the bOOming lingerie market in Muslim countries.

Behind their more modest street clothes, many women in Arab countries apparently are wearing North American lingerie…

Apparently Muslim women like sex too. And coffee. Shopping. High heels. Food. Chocolate. A nice back rub. Hats. Strawberries and Cream. And those cute finger sandwiches you get only at baby showers. How quaint!

Like Second Cup and Tim Horton’s, Canadian company La Vie en Rose has successfully broken into the Middle Eastern and North African markets — reporting that at least 90% of their Canadian collection is well-accepted in these regions.

Catching a quote from Alia Hogben, Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, the piece ends with:

There’s a common misconception that Muslim women aren’t fashionable or interested in glamorous clothing. The demand for lingerie likely was always there, particularly in the wealthier Arab countries… Just because women cover up in public on the street doesn’t mean that they don’t dress up spectacularly underneath those clothes.

Well said Alia. Well said. In fact, perhaps they don’t dress at all…! Cheeky!

2) Hijab rapid-fire:

3) Fox reports on a man now facing jail time in France for physically assaulting a female nurse who removed his wife’s face veil during an emergency C-section. The husband was first banned from the delivery room after he called the midwife a “rapist” for performing a routine exam — and threatened his wife with divorce when she told him to chillax. He was later arrested when he broke down the door to the operating room and punched a nurse in the face when she removed his wife’s niqab.

He’s been quoted as saying that:

…seeing his wife’s veil lifted in front of a male health worker was like seeing her “bare-chested” in front of another man.

But having her belly exposed and putting his hands inside her body to cut open her womb to save the life of his son and wife is a-OK. Just don’t look at her face.

Poor fellow was probably just a little nervous attending the birth and all that jazz.

4) A Muslim Christmas rapid-fire:

5) Finally, it can’t be Christmas without a little holiday message. Almost everyone on my Facebook list has posted this video — so it must be good.