Since I have to do some vacation coverage at work and want to catch up on True Blood, I’m taking a little break from the blog over the holidays. Which simply means I may or may not post the weekly roundup, and I may or may not post pictures, but most certainly means I unfortunately will not be posting any seriously fun posts (like my thoughts on women led-prayer, gaining heaven through motherhood or hijab as a heterosexist construct) until 2012.

Which apparently is right around the corner *gasp!* I guess you won’t have to wait too long.

This year I spoke a lot about hijab. Hijab as privilege. Hijab on children. Sexy hijab. Camel-hump hijab. Halloween hijab and TV hijab. I even interviewed a seriously awesome hijabi boxer, ranted about niqab, made fun of hijab and took my hijab to the beach.

But you know, being a muslimah isn’t all about the hijab — I also mused about Muslims traveling through space and time. Ranted about prayer in public schools. Made the decision to nurse my toddler. And got my hijab in a bunch over misogynist parables, creeping shari’a, not-so-halal halal meat, gender segregation, misogynist readings of hadith, traditions keeping women from reciting the Qur’an, hearing hate from the pulpit, power and accommodation at the mosque, reclaiming Friday prayers and male scholars telling women how best to relate to their menstrual periods.

And still had enough time to make decadent Oreo-stuffed, chocolate chip cookies and read a book.

So with good thoughts, prayers and warm feelings for the year ahead — here’s to more great discussions with all of you insha’Allah. See you in 2012!