For it being incredibly freezing, we actually ended up doing quite a lot of fun stuff this weekend. Threats of the white-stuff gave us visions of tobogganing — but unfortunately, Toronto was hit with just a dusting of snow. So we improvised.

I played super-Mom with a burst of energy so strong, I thought I was nesting. While the Hubby slept through his horrid head cold, I cleaned the house, did laundry, made pancakes and then baked cupcakes with Eryn — all before lunch. We celebrated my homemaking skills with a trip to the movies and some take-out. Who has time to cook dinner when there’s cupcakes to be had? CUPCAKES!

Here’s Eryn practicing her new photography skills. Everything is an appropriate subject:

"Cheese baby!" (can you tell I'm sucking it in? No really, it's quite the flattering angle. She's the ideal photographer.)

There was also “Cheese Monkey” and “Cheese num-nyah!” but I am not showing you a picture of just my chest. Why Eryn thinks my breasts are their own entity is beyond me.

"Cheese TV!"

So every baby, the Hubby takes on a new project or hobby. With Eryn it was horseback riding . With “the little one” it looks like he’s going to be a model train enthusiast.

It’s pretty exciting seeing the trains and the level of detail that goes into the sets. Quite the expensive and impressive hobby (er, but not something you should be getting into with a new baby on the way. I’m all for archery instead).

Oh Eryn, not the level of geek I was hoping for.

We even braved the sub-zero temperatures to go to the fair. Eryn was so excited she sang the entire way. ABC’s in Arabic on repeat. The Hubby redeemed himself by humming the Imperial March.

"Want the wild one mama!" You got it baby.

So… how was your weekend?