My budding photographer is at it again.

Eryn’s new pastime is taking pictures. Pictures with phones, cameras, play phones and failing that: with rectangular pieces of cardboard. I never thought cardboard coupons would make excellent camera phones. I guess our reliance on the mobile has something to do with her obsession.

Welcome to the third trimester! Again, she’s the ideal photographer. Or perhaps I feel bigger than I look.

Since everyone else has decided to judge my body and tell me if I’m too big, too small, carrying in the hips, carrying in the shoulders, having a boy, having a girl, having a baby… tell me what you think I’m carrying. I can’t wait to do an official poll once we hit the 9 month mark. Which is only a little over a month away!

So, is piling up shoes in a messy, haphazard fashion *just* a Muslim thing? Or do others deal with this too?

I can’t believe there are only three of us in our little majlis.

And one of us insists on being a barefoot faerie in the middle of winter.

(*cough* to be fair, the messy shoes belong to Eryn and myself)