Every time I see this cute illustration from How to be a Dad, I smile and think: wow, that’s EXACTLY how we sleep. And either smile with a shared discomfort and understanding that others feel my pain, or cringe depending on how many other horrid baby sleep positions we ended up assuming the night before.

Eryn slept in a bassinet from birth until 6 months — and then slept in her crib for about a year, with frequent night wakings.

Bed time was a mixed bag. We’d all enjoy a nice wind-down routine of bath, Qur’an, and massage. After nursing her to sleep, I’d ever-so-gently attempt to place her into the crib without waking her — to varying degrees of success. Even if I did manage to get her down without waking, she’d be up within the hour wanting more “num-nyah” to fall back asleep. She’d wake up at least 3 more times before I just gave up, went to bed myself and let her sleep next to me.

We made the choice to co-sleep full time when Eryn decided that her crib made a better trampoline — and when we finally realized that she would sleep 8-12 hours UNINTERRUPTED when in our bed.

Despite the fact that I’d invariably wake with a hand or a foot in my face, and both the Hubby and I clung to the edges of the bed while Eryn had free reign over the coveted center, those hours of sleep made all the difference to my sanity when I returned to work.

Now that I’m pregnant and need pillows and whatnot to prop up my legs and keep me turned on the side (I’m a back sleeper even now) — we need more room in our little bed.

Luckily, the day bed in the second bedroom/guestroom/prayer room/playroom expands to a luxurious king size. So for the past three nights we’ve been sleeping there to easy my aching back and incredibly sore groin.

With the following results:

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

The Hubby has a good foot of extra space to stretch out.
My support pillow has taken over the coveted center space.
Eryn has migrated north and now shares my pillow — taking it over completely by 3am.
I know this because I can’t sleep during the baby’s 3-5am daily dance party.
I’m still squished in the corner.

But at least Eryn sleeps 8-12 hours without waking.

That is… until the baby is born…