We just had a holiday weekend here in Ontario — so I took a little holiday. Real posts will start up again soon. But until then, here are some Monday Moments (on a Tuesday).

Look! Baby dinosaur!

Eryn is currently on a dinosaur kick — so what better way to encourage her than to go to the Royal Ontario Museum and check out some of the terrible monsters in person? I don’t know how it started, but I love how she makes her “baby dinosaur” toys nurse from her “mama dinosaur” toys. And in the absence of either baby or mama, she’ll just nurse her favourite brontosaurus herself.

Yes, her shirt does indeed say, "self-resucing princess."

Eryn would much rather spin delicate butterflies and nurse fearsome lizards, than go through the discovery tunnel with the other kids.

Rocking out to 80's "classic" pop.

But she will definitely get her dance on! Here Eryn waves the streamer she made at the Art Gallery.

Monday had several events geared toward kids — and she danced, made craft flowers, and painted to her heart’s content. There were a million kids and no one had their afternoon nap. So you can imagine what the gallery was like at around 4pm.

That’s when Eryn turned out the lights in the Group of Seven wing and made several toddlers scream out in terror. I was so proud.

"Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama... I want to see mama pee!"

This is absolute proof that babies are like cats. My cat Solly used to paw his way under the bathroom door whenever I locked myself in.

Why lock myself in? Because sometimes you just want to pee in “peace.”