This past weekend was pretty low-key for the wood turtle household. We slept (yay!). We ate (alhamdulillah). We checked out Moses baskets for the “little one” (insha’Allah).

All inclusive, mixed-species prayer.

And apparently, we started a new prayer circle that includes stuffed animals of all persuasions. I found this jammat after Baba took Eryn for an hour so I could cook a gourmet dinner in peace (read: popping homemade pasta casserole into the oven while I got caught up on Twitter).

At least it’s better than what normally happens during prayer — which is Eryn trying to see how many toys she can balance on my head while I make dua’a.

"Hop onto my ride Baba"

We also made it out to the Autoshow! Four hours of cars, cars and more cars.

Eryn had fun pretending to drive this year’s new models. Whenever a stranger sat in the passenger seat, they’d get all gooey, “ooh look at the baby! How cute. Are you driving now?” She’d just look at them and say, “get out.”

That’s my girl.

Electricity displayed at the electric car zone. Very punny.

It’s all marketing I tell you. We felt cleaner and happier at the Electric car zone. There were trees, wood chips everywhere, bird noises, and I swear it smelled like pine (because we all normally drive through forests?). And yet, most of the models we saw only go 60km on electricity before the gas tank “seamlessly” takes over to take you an additional 400km.


...and the best Actress award goes to...

Last night we gave Eryn a treat and let her stay up waaaay past bedtime so I could watch some of the Oscars. Of course it was also her first time seeing commercials — which amazingly had her transfixed in some kind of consumer-zombie-brainwashing-trance. So I gave several ineffective talks about marketing while she mindlessly drank her milk and nodded at me without blinking.

Her favourite Oscar moment? Seeing Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggie on teevee.