Here’s a little something in honour of International Women’s Day:

Calvin Klein Jeans by Weber, Bruce (photog.);

Your penis might be too small, too droopy, too limp, too lop-sided, too narrow, too fat, too pale, too pointy, too blunt, or just two-inches. But at least you can have a great pair of jeans.

… is advertisement copy for Calvin Klein jeans that you will NEVER see paired with this model. He just got a trendy Calvin Klein logo and tonnes of attention.

Your breasts may be too big, too saggy, too pert, too flat, too full, too far apart, too close together, too A-cup, too lopsided, too jiggly, too pale, too padded, too pointy, too pendulous, or just two mosquito bites. BUT WITH DEP STYLING PRODUCTS, AT LEAST YOU CAN HAVE YOUR HAIR THE WAY YOU WANT IT.
Make the most of what you've got.

… is an actual hair product advertisement that ran in magazines targeted to women and teens.

Because if your body isn’t as sexy as marketing says it should be, and you can’t afford breast augmentation — the least you can do is try to attain a (white) ideal of beautiful hair.

From part one of Killing us Softly 4 (2010)

There’s a world of difference when men are objectified and when women are objectified. When men are objectified, they generally are bigger, stronger, more powerful. When women are objectified, we’re more fragile, more vulnerable, less powerful. But more important, there really aren’t consequences for men as a result of this objectification. Because men don’t live in a world where they’re likely to be raped, harassed or beaten. Or at least, straight white men don’t live in such a world. Whereas women and girls do.

And from part two:

As girls learn from a very early age that their sexualised behaviour and appearance are often rewarded by society, they learn to sexualise themselves — to see themselves as objects. They’re encouraged to see this as their own choice, as a declaration of empowerment. To reframe oneself in the most cliched and stereotypical way possible as a kind of liberation.

... real... subtle.

If you haven’t already seen this video, I highly suggest you do.