Since she’s been feeling so horrible with a fever and cough, we treated Eryn to a little She-Ra. It was her first time — but I think the treat was more for us, since the bad guys scared her.

Completely unfamiliar with the show, the Hubby went on a glorious-deconstructive-rant while watching the opening music sequence:

Hubby: WHAT!?!? She’s a blond woman…
Me: I know… But at least she wears red.

Hubby: Did you see the size of her waist?! How can you support a character that’s based off an unattainable body size?
Me: Want me to pop in an episode of Wonder Woman instead?

Hubby: What’s with the flying horse? If she’s so empowered why does she need a male familiar?
Me: HA!

Hubby: I don’t know about this show.
Me: Well at least she’s a self-rescuing princess leading a team of female rebels.

Hubby: *sideglance* uh-huh. Let’s watch Thundercats.