With another bout of unknown, energy-sucking, phlegm inducing, coughing until we can’t breathe viruses attacking the Hubby and Eryn, this weekend was mostly uneventful. I hoped we were going to enjoy more hours in the gorgeous sun and warm temperatures — but we spent quite a few vegging out watching David Tennant read bedtime stories.

The Adventures of Eryn, Queen of the Desert.

Eryn calls this hijab style her “queen crown.” The camel has yet to complain about being pushed around.

Waving to shadows and feeding imaginary ducks.

When I had enough of indoor play I took Eryn for a quick walk to find some ducks. We only found a couple and they just weren’t interested in toasted-O cereal. So we fed imaginary ducks instead and followed them upstream.

This is a purple duck.

Thankfully on Sunday her fever broke and she was excited for a longer excursion down to the river. There were ducks o’plenty — but Eryn got it in her head that the imaginary ducks were just more fun than the flying, quacking and mating kind.

So she fed them rocks.