On a Tuesday, I know! But this just goes to show how busy I am these days. I suppose it’s just going to get busier.

This month we’ve had the absolute sublime pleasure of living with the best house guest imaginable. My good friend and I are like sisters and she brings the best out in me. Not only has she given me an amazing amount of respite in terms of foot rubs and random acts of song — but she’s a great cook. And of course, having her around has proven to be an amazing influence on Eryn.

Night waka-waka.

This is how we celebrated Earth Hour — by having an impromptu dance party with Shakira and some strobe flashlights.

Now “night waka-waka” is a daily event and even happens during nursing. It’s mind-boggling how much of the choreography Eryn can reproduce while lying down and latched. Much to my terror.

Putting "Allah" back.

Eryn’s role-playing continues with her pretending to be Baba when she’s not pretending to be me, Kanga or Roo. I hope she sees how proud I am every time she jumps up to lead prayer.

Dinos versus autos.

This weekend we also had the pleasure of meeting with the formidable Krista Riley, editor-in-chief of Muslimah Media Watch. She always brings excellent discussion to the table and I learn so much from this awesome woman.

She’s also cool enough to play with plastic toys.