This weekend Eryn got to hang out with her Baba on an unprecedented scale. You see, our clothes washer broke — so while I spent hours at a laundromat and puttered around the house (still) getting everything ready for the baby, they played and played and played.

Much to my delight (yes, that’s the Hubby playing with a wind-up Dalek).

Eryn's new repetition song is, "Exterminate... Exterminate... Exterminate..."

Okay, on Saturday I did let him off the hook to go golfing while Eryn and I helped the Ontario government showcase an accessible GO Train car for one of their promotional videos. We played the extras, “Mother and baby with stroller.”

Eryn has a natural talent for acting cute at the precise time — so of course the camera loved her. She did especially well given the fact that I promised her a train ride, but didn’t tell her that we had to wait two hours while scenes were set, and that the train would pull in and out of the station multiple times before I would actually let her on.

So she busied herself with climbing when waving at the train just got too monotonous.

It was also my birthday and we celebrated with a ginormous crêpe at Marché… which I had all to myself because Eryn was more interested in the shopping and not the eating.

I still can’t get over how incredibly happy she is at seeing canned goods at a restaurant.

Yaay... tomatoes...

And then it was back to Baba.

I'm not sure who's having more fun -- but I absolutely adore this picture.