I’ve been monitoring a parental dilemma unfold from the sidelines. In between diffusing toddler tantrums and bleary-eyed, marathon nursing sessions at dawn, I’ve watched lactivists and parents alike discuss, support and deride the following image:

Who nurses their child like this?

Now on it’s own, to me this picture conveys a sense of breastfeeding empowerment — mama Jamie Lynne Grumet isn’t going to let anyone tell her to put her boob away or that once kids have teeth they should be eating only solids. She’s a tough cookie, but the image also borders on militancy — with the boy’s army fatigues and that odd, staring, slightly frightened look in his eyes.

I mean, TIME magazine COULD have used this image instead from their full photoshoot:

Yes! Like this! Snuggles, oxytocin and relaxed sighs for everyone!

But with that headline, it’s pretty clear TIME wanted to stir the pot and what better way to cause a controversy than by pitting parents against each other? Did you bottle feed formula to your baby? Guess you’re not mom enough. Are you a single father? Guess you’re not mom enough. Do you own a stroller? Guess you’re not mom enough. Media-generated mommy wars abound, and if you can believe it, calls to Social Services for the mother getting her jollies from sticking her breast in her child’s mouth.

I mean really, Attachment Parenting drives mothers to extremes (and only mothers because I guess siblings, fathers, extended families and partners don’t play a part in this nutty form of parenting) by encouraging co-sleeping, baby wearing and *gasp* extended breastfeeding? That by-line sounds like a new TLC show: Babes with Boobs, eXXXtreme breastfeeding!

There have been many brilliant pieces written about this controversial TIME cover. And if you aren’t already sick and tired of hearing about it, here’s a quick roundup of some of my favourite pieces: