We’re in full summer swing at the wood turtle homestead — which means we’re not home all that often.

But when we are, we’re making egg carton caterpillars, listening to and acting out audio books (Munsch’s “Mud Puddle” is the current favourite), and trying to keep tantrums at bay while dealing with Eryn’s jealousy that’s manifesting in a gazillion demands.

Meaning I have to simultaneously supervise a craft, read a book, prepare a snack, and grab a glass of water — all while breastfeeding Ivy.

“Mama, how about you read me a book?”

Leaving me precious little time to simply sit down. Or in this one blissful moment — read my own book while enjoying the warm weather.

(yes, I’m a big fan of chubby legs)

And even though she’s acting out, Eryn truly does love Ivy — so much that she’s practically smothering her sister with kisses in an hourly, not-so-cute-oh-please-stop-kissing-your-sister-she-can’t-breathe kind of way.

At least Ivy gets her revenge with a herculean grasp reflex.

There’s little Eryn can do at this point.

With so much going on dealing with a new baby and keeping a toddler entertained (two-and-a-half going on three! When did my baby start growing up?), I can’t believe that it’s already July.

The summer is almost over and we just got started.

*huzzah* eh?

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day! And a very happy 4th of July to all of my readers south of the border.