ZOMG it’s a muslim roundup! I’m almost giddy with excitement. So much happened this past month that I barely know where to begin. There was the video game based off the infamous Salman Rushdie fatwa; Rush Limbaugh accused Hillary Clinton of having ties to the Muslim Sisterhood; and an Islamohomophobic fatwa hoax.

So grab a drink (or in my case, a baby. Yes, this was written one handed while nursing Ivy), curl up and enjoy!

1) Tired of finding Mecca by calculating north on your iPhone compass? Need a prayer upgrade to compliment your automatic wudu washer? Why not literally step into God’s presence illuminated by light-emitting diodes with the EL Sajjadah — a prayer mat that lights up when facing Mecca.

There are only two prototypes in existence. After manually inputting your location, a digital compass lets you know when you’re facing the Qibla. Grace your floor or your wall with the soft, green LED glow of piety.

Too bad manual input of location and digital compass is soooo 20th century. What we need is a prayer mat that counts rakats for you, or has a virtual presence so you can pray while sitting on the couch. Or better yet, has a wudu detector. That would be EPIC.

2) In a season marked by shorts, tank tops and liberation from oppressive and restrictive clothes celebrated with teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikinis, you’re sure to see AT LEAST one article on how the hijab liberates women from the expectations of society.

But with so many people wondering if Muslim women are “hot in that thing?!” the media has graced us with just a few more articles this month:

  • A woman’s significance will always be rated by what she wears. Fighting against this, Ayesha Nusrat writes a personal piece for the New York Times on why she took on the hijab. Mix one part activist, one part belief, and two parts personal empowerment and you get, “I believe my hijab gives me the right to assert my body, femininity and spirituality as my own and under my authority alone.” Sing it sistah.
  • [WARNING: high blood-pressure inducing article ahead] Michael Coren has an unfortunate blub about a Quebec hijabi who was banned from playing soccer in his own weekly roundup. Erroneously stating that the “hijab is a Muslim Brotherhood-prescribed version of Islamic covering,” he gives soccer players two options: take off hijab or play for another league.  Classy. Michael, I really didn’t think you had it in you.

…probably banned from playing soccer.

3) It’s almost Ramadan! This means tonnes of articles (re)surfing on how to get the most from your fast and how to stay healthy while reaching your spiritual goals.

One that really caught my eye is from Latonia’s wealth of breastfeeding information at her seriously fantastic blog, Suckled Sunnah. She has a great article with 27 tips on how to prevent burnout for those of us who choose to fast while breastfeeding. A truly supportive and excellent blog. Go check it out.

Another interesting article is from a mainstream bodybuilding magazine. Non-Muslim Nick Mitchell offers advice on how to maintain proper nutrition, supplementation and exercise during Ramadan.

Don’t let the article’s accompanying photo fool you. He gives eight great tips, and didn’t know that this dejected hijabi isn’t suffering from low energy due to fasting. Good effort though!

4) Finally, as I said, it’s almost Ramadan! This means funny Ramadan meme time: