Today we beat the heat by doing some crafts for Ramadan.

I have a closet full of pipe cleaners, sparkles, foam sheets, empty egg cartons, and other random, random things for Eryn to paste, stick and paint to her heart’s content.

I’m not sure what’s more fun, Ivy sucking in her sleep or the stickers that currently grace my kitchen cupboards.

Eryn is incredibly excited for the start of Ramadan — though I think her bright smiles and wide eyes are more for the anticipation of opening up her Ramadan advent calender. She knows daily treats are coming her way once we sight the moon — and she’s pulled out her favourite holiday book, Under the Ramadan Moon. Which thankfully isn’t so annoying to be read about 500 times a day.

Organic lollypops, mints, cranberries and more!

But now that iftaar is way past 9pm, how do you make sunset exciting for someone who is usually in bed when it’s time for all the food and fun family parties?

Decorate the house with homemade lanterns of course!

I gave her 10 minutes before she started batting them around like a cat. It took five.