It’s the ‘Eid edition of the muslim roundup! This means heartwarming, all-around fuzzy interfaith fun, Islamophobia, men traipsing around in niqab and more!

Enjoy and have a happy and safe ‘Eid insha’Allah.

1) For the first time in a long time Muslims in America are actually worried about being attacked during ‘Eid prayers due to a rise of anti-Muslim violence this Ramadan. Last week Muslim graves were desecrated in Chicago, pig legs were thrown at a mosque in Cali, paintballs and acid were thrown at mosques in Oklahoma, and a mosque was destroyed by arson in Missouri. All happened in the span of ONE WEEK. And this isn’t a comprehensive list.

Writing for the HuffPo, Ghazala Irshad has a fantastic article that’s made the rounds on Why American Politicians Should Take Islamophobia Seriously and speak out against this wave of violence:

…if politicians like Obama and Romney truly hope to lead our country to a better future, they should speak up–not to ingratiate themselves with Muslims by hosting iftar dinners at the White House–but to make the voices of solidarity and peace louder than the anti-Muslim incitement of their hatemongering colleagues Representatives Joe Walsh, Peter King, Michelle Bachmann, etc.

This isn’t about “political correctness” and it doesn’t affect only one community of Americans. This is about a widespread hate that endangers the very fabric of American society.

Sing it sistah. Insha’Allah they hear you loud and clear.

2) Think that last story was too scary for the kiddies? Well, the BBC has a delightful video on how a Virginia synagogue will open it’s doors to a Muslim congregation to help accommodate their numbers for ‘Eid prayers.

We’re all Americans. We share the same hospitals. We share the same schools. Our families get to know one another in this society. — We wouldn’t hesitate to welcome our Christian neighbours. So why would you hesitate to welcome a Muslim neighbour?

Filled with Muslims and Jews sharing space and *gasp* hugging, this video is sure to bring a smile to your face.

It’s an ‘Eid-terfaith miracle!

3) There must be cultural appropriation fever going around. In a truly ridiculous and offensive stunt, Michael Coren appeared on his Sun News Network television program in Niqab. Not to “check it out.” Not to “see how it feels.” Not to “identify” with Muslim women. But to make fun of women, Islam. Egyptians, and the niqab.

Launched at the start of Ramadan, Maria TV is a women-only Egyptian channel — hiring women in niqab to discuss issues of interest to women. Sounds pretty rad to me, but this is what Mikey had to say about it posing as a niqabi woman in an audition tape for the Egyptian network:

So I’d like to say a few words on why this network is so very necessary. We need it to discuss, well, you know the sort of thing — when it’s too late for that little operation on the clitoris so as to make sexual pleasure impossible. Sometimes performed in the Islamic world at least, with any sharp instrument that comes to hand. Or, how to avoid being stoned to death after you’ve been raped — because it’s never the man’s fault. Or what to say to your husband when you’ve tried, but you just can’t get along with wife number four… Now I know some of the crusaders, the infidels, the Zionists, and the rest say that women are oppressed in the Muslim world — it’s just not true. And if you say it again, my husband will cut off your head, and record the whole thing for a video that will go viral within the jihadist Internet community.

Seriously? You’re the champion for Muslim women?Ā  Please take off your burqa of white privilege — it might actually help you see how incredibly wrong you are on the most basic points of human decency.

Get’s my hijab in such a bunch!

Now, if you want a truly honest account of struggling with the niqab, check out Rym Tina Ghazal’s excellent article Single in the City: The Niqab and I.

By banning the niqab and burqa we are not really helping anyone. A truly repressed woman has far bigger problems than what she wears on her face.

So while largely perceived from a Western perspective as a suppressive mask designed to conceal a woman’s facial features, I have to admit the niqab was my shield. It helped me walk more confidently around sleazy men.


4) Finally, I’m going to end off with a couple of videos. The first is an AMAZING series out of Dubai/Syria/Oman. Controvercially, it’s an historic account of ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab, Islam’s second Caliph.

In 31 episodes, the series follows his life starting from about 9 years before the revelation, to the end of his reign as Caliph. The series is a courageous historical drama with some excellent acting, near-Qur’anic Arabic dialogue, and amazing attention to historical detail.

Seriously, it’s worth watching just for the opening sequence — a total homage to Game of Thrones. EPIC.

And now you can watch it with English Subtitles!!

And just for kicks, Eid Mubarak: