Two years ago I marked my aunt’s breast cancer survival with a post.

This year I’m marking it with a run.

Insha’Allah the wood turtle troop is travelling to Regina, Saskatchewan at the end of September for a family reunion and to run with my aunt in the Run for the Cure. Specifically, Ivy and I will be running the 5K along with our family team — while Eryn cheers from the sidelines.

The run is only 28 days away — and I need your support.

If you are able, please help the fight against breast cancer by donating — or on September 30, please send Ivy and me a tonne of virtual cheers. Every donation for the fight against breast cancer counts toward funding for research, education, awareness, advocacy and health promotion initiatives. And cheers are needed to honour those lost, celebrate survivors and work toward a cancer-free future.

This link will take you to my personal fundraising page.

I’ll be keeping you all updated on our progress by live tweeting the event and sharing pictures on the day of the run.

With many, many thanks.