It’s always surprising and mildly infuriating — in that, “aren’t toddler just so cute” kind of way —  when in the middle of taking video of Ivy laughing for the first time, my camera runs out of space.

It’s only when I desperately try to delete photos before she stops laughing, rolling over, or serenading us, that I discover my picture-space-eating-monster is Eryn.

She’s turned into quite the little photographer.

And will take 50 photos of the same image — getting right close and personal with her subjects.

Most of the time I don’t recognise the people, objects or fingers she’s decided to snap in her impromptu photo sessions. Here however, is a very close friend of mine displaying some #MuslimRage.

And much to my delight, playtime with a Dalek.

“Would you care for some tea?”