Well Alhamdulillah, we’re back from Seattle safe and sound, if not just a little wet.

The rain didn’t stop us from enjoying some great scenery.

I love the northwest coast with its mountains, trees and seriously laid back communities. We also have family in BC and it was nice knowing that we were practically sharing the same air.

Ivy was asleep for most of the trip

Going on vacation with kids doesn’t necessarily mean having a real vacation. For me it meant working double time to keep the kids entertained while one was confined to the carrier for 12 hours a day and the other one wanted to touch everything, everywhere we went — from loose tomatoes to glass-blown snakes.

Nursing on a bar stool, eating lunch and snapping pictures one-handed. Oh ya, so talented.

But having someone else cook all of our meals was a lovely getaway. There were tonnes of great eats and fresh fish at the Pike Place Market — and when I asked if the clam chowder was made with chicken broth, a very friendly server asked if I was a pescetarian. That was a first — so I just went with it.

Now this is my kind of nicknack store.

Everyone was ridiculously friendly. It must be the coastal air — or maybe Toronto is just a little jaded. We had so many lovely, sincere and random conversations. It was refreshing and beautifully contagious. So I’ve made a resolution to be more chatty and friendly when in the city, where it’s too easy to ignore your neighbour and stare at the pavement.

Zola and Jashla join Mama, Baba, Girl and Boy in the dollhouse.

People were especially nice to Eryn. She had a blast showing off her new dolls that we picked up at a random craft store — and literally pulled strangers into her world of make-believe. And they indulged her! Like I said, incredibly laid back communities.

Thank you Seattle for your hospitality — we had a blast!