Hello Sweetie,

Your hand. It does amazing things. You’re learning how to feed yourself, and love to sing while sucking on your fingers.

This morning while in the bath, your hand grabbed mine and guided it to the tub. Then up-down-up-down, you shook my hand to splash in the water. Your eyes searched for mine and the biggest smile broke out on your face. It was like you were saying, “Look mama! Look how much FUN it is to splash in the water! It’s your turn!”

What an amazingly big heart you have.

You’re crawling my dear. Seriously crawling. Last month you started creeping and rolling around the house to get to where you wanted — usually near me or your sister, or better yet, a toy or computer wire to munch on. Now I can’t take my eyes off you for a second. You’re fearless, and if I’m not careful you’ll crawl right off the bed, or put yourself into a corner. And no one puts baby in a corner.

I love it when you interrupt nursing to play peek-a-boo, or when you peer around a corner to surprise me. And then laugh at your own cleverness. Are you sure you’re just a little baby?

When it comes to food I have absolutely no stress because you’re pretty content to try anything. You get so excited and nothing (yet) can distract you from the task of getting food into your mouth, alhamdulillah. You kick your feet and start shrieking with a huge smile on your face. It’s terribly cute.

At the moment bananas are your favourite. You can polish off a whole mashed banana in a few minutes. So far you’ve enjoyed carrots, chicken and potatoes, butternut squash soup, figs, ricotta cheese, strawberries and kitchri. And I love that you love limes (they’re my favourite)!

But about the shrieking. My dear, you’re also terribly loud. Not just cute-baby-scream loud. You’re piercingly-my-brain-is-going-to-explode loud. It’s great on one hand because when you pair up a shriek with a cry, I know you’re in serious pain. But life gets pretty intense when you shriek only because you dropped your spoon, or I’m not getting food into your mouth fast enough. I guess it’s just a part of your Taurean nature — which I’m secretly proud of because I’m a Taurus too.

Just stop doing the whole silent scream bit. That’s a little freaky.

Sometimes you’ll preface a cry by soundlessly expelling all of the air out of your lungs. Then you’ll wait a few seconds before inhaling and screaming for real. On more than one occasion I’ve had to tell you to breathe, because you’re really waiting too long before you inhale again. I’m worried you’re going to pass out one day. So, please. Don’t do that anymore.

You’re hair has grown back downy soft like a chickadee. Sometimes at night you’ll roll around and settle into into the crook of my arm, laying your head on my shoulder. All I can feel is your fuzzy warm head against my cheek and my heart just melts.

You are such a happy baby and that puts me right over the moon. The simplest things entertain you and make you smile. My darling baby, may God always keep you happy.