Ivy is down with a fever, which is pretty time consuming for me when she just wants to nurse all day long, but alhamdulillah it’s nothing we can’t handle. My money is on teething — or on the possibility she picked up a bug from the many hands that touch her face. I’ve been carrying her in the sling, which seems to be an oddity in Kuwait, and therefore an invitation to stare, ask questions and kiss the baby.


My awesome view when bowing in prayer.

There’s probably a bonus for us in terms of promoting babywearing and building up her immune system — on top of the many blessings Ivy gets as people coo over her.

When we’re not visiting family, eating out or shopping, we’re praying. Sounds funny I suppose, but being in a Muslim country just makes it easier to BE Muslim — from eating halaal to having easy access to places of worship. Voices from three mosques wake me for the dawn prayer. But in Canada, I have to drive 20 minutes to hear the adhaan from a crackling speaker system.

photo 3 (1)

Digital tasbeeh. There’s an app for that too.

A Muslim majority is not perfect mind you. It’s often remarked that when people leave Kuwait for their studies abroad, they either go to one extreme and go wild, or come home deeply religious and educated in the religion. In Kuwait, it might be easy to pray at the MacDonald’s mosque, but unless you have the time, the motivation and are a prolific Arab speaker, it’s more difficult to gain access to courses on religious knowledge.

photo 1 (2)

Kuwait City skyline at sunset.

Overall we’re having a really fabulous trip. But it’s not only fun and games, and extra orders of cheese fatayer (*drool*) — I’ve also been “working” — lining up interviews for future posts insha’Allah. I had the honour of meeting up with the fantastic hijabi boxer, Mombasa during one of her training sessions at the Kuwait Football club, and this week, will be meeting with Birth Kuwait to discuss their healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding awareness campaign, as well as the authors of The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook. Exciting!!

photo 2 (2)

A completely intimidating and intense skip-rope session.

We’re counting down our last days here. It’ll be good to get back home and return to our routine — but I think the girls will miss dear, ol’Kuwait. And after a month of lovely weather, I’m not that excited about returning to a Canadian winter.


Of course I had to get the sweater.