Ok, this is just an excuse for some more lazy photoblogging, and I know it’s Tuesday — but we’re back in Canada, alhamdulillah, and just a little bit jet lagged. Having the girls fall asleep at 6pm and waking up at 4am isn’t that bad. I’m doing a lot of ignoring while they play in the dark. It’s the headaches that come with shifting my own internal clock that are really doing me in.

A sand playground of course.

I’m sure Eryn will love playing in snow as much as she loves playing in sand.

We miss Kuwait already. While it’s delightful to wake up to a baby waving at herself in the mirror, it’s also peaceful, and heart-stirring to wake up to my favourite reciter giving the morning adhaan and hearing his words echoed by others in the rolling distance. My tinny, little adhaan clock is no match for the real deal.

The first thing that struck me after landing in Washington was the absolute lack of identifiable Muslims. Granted, an international airport isn’t necessarily the best place to make a comparison, with such a diverse influx of travellers wandering the halls — but it’s quite shocking to go from seeing a sea of black abayas, hijabs, and minarets to just one hijabed family and an airline steward giving salaams and showing us where to pray.

I'll take an order of Power

I’ll take an order of Power and the grilled Problem please.

We’ll also miss the food terribly! Or at least miss having the ease of ordering anything on the menu without worrying if its halal or about cross-contamination. And the bread! I really need to learn how to bake fresh khubz. I could eat that forever. In Kuwait the government heavily subsidizes freshly baked bread and you can buy at least four huge flatbreads for less than a dollar. Amazing.

A somewhat quiet moment of prayer. Nice photobomb Ivy.

A somewhat quiet moment of prayer. Nice photobomb Ivy.

Our flight home was delayed by a few hours so we entertained ourselves by hanging out at a pretty fantastic interfaith prayer room. Eryn got to watch a video on Compassion from the Adventures from the Book of Virtues television series while Ivy crawled around and practised standing up! A very kind student from Korea, who was obviously on Mission, also took a moment to invite us to accept Jesus.

He was really sweet and told us that our children were our salvation. We couldn’t agree more since the dua’ that children make for their parents is an important and powerful one. He gave us all free bibles and was so excited when Ivy took one from his hand. Really excited. I think he took it as a sign that she innately feels a connection to God. Which I’m sure she does. Before leaving he told us to read the Bible with an open mind and to not talk to others about Christianity — just read it and if it speaks to us, it will. Keep an open mind. I smiled and couldn’t help thinking this is precisely what happened when I read the Qur’an. We wished him well.

So the Hubby read from the Book of John and I sang the corresponding songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. The kids loved it, and we’ll treasure his gift.


Of course a Kuwaiti turtle is blinged out. Wait until you see the new hijab styles.

I have some real posts coming soon: a fantastic khutbah, maternity care in Kuwait, a book giveaway, and more!