My apologies for the lack of posts over the past two weeks (goodness that’s a long time)! Life is busy and things are about to get busier. Let me first tell you that posting regularly will start NOW. I have a bunch of posts ready to come out this week and an exciting giveaway to boot!

Secondly, apologies for any confusion this past weekend. Thanks to a wordpress curiosity, a really old post went out as new to my subscribers. Let me assure you that I’m insha’Allah not pregnant again — but thank you so much for all the messages and comments.

Finally, a little bit of exciting news: we’re hopefully, if everything aligns correctly, plans pan out, will probably, most-likely, fingers-crossed, insha’Allah moving across the Pond for a bit. In other words, we’re taking a work opportunity to live in the UK for a month or more. *squeal!*

So what have we been up to the past two weeks?


Dance, puppets! DANCE!

When not teething, going to engagement parties, visiting new babies, seeing old friends, looking for pre-schools, or making Easter crafts, we’ve been doing laundry. I don’t know why, but there seems to be a lot more of it these days. Maybe I’m gearing up for a spring cleaning.

I’ve been trying to lose the last of the pregnancies weight, so Ivy and I make a lot of trips to a nearby gym where she runs around while I watch her. If I’m lucky, I can get 20 minutes of cardio before sucking on a lime just doesn’t cut it for her anymore, and we have to do something more fun for her (yes, she joyfully sucks on limes). Which is fine by me. Really.

She’s going to start walking tomorrow, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be running after her before long.


Great grandmother c.1945 somewhere on the plains of Saskatchewan.

News of a distant relative from a lost branch of the family tree came my way so I decided to look through some our old photos for nostalgia’s sake. I’ve previously written about my family connection to Beirut and love going through the physical reminders of my ancestry. There’s something almost spiritual about holding an old photo, feeling the delicate cardboard frame disintegrate ever so slightly at the touch of a finger, and then instagramming it for future reference.

Plus, you gotta love her smile.


We come for the books and stay for the toys.

It’s still not warm enough to take the kids to the park. Well, not really — but they’ve been sick, and I’m kind of old fashioned about taking sick kids outdoors when it’s not above 14 degrees Celsius. So instead, I take them to where all the other parents take their snotting, coughing, sneezing children: The Library.

It’s probably why they keep getting sick.