It’s been a whirlwind month with family visits, end-of-school assemblies, speaking engagements and stopping to enjoy the sunshine. The local splashpads are now open and we’ve been frequenting parks instead of being cooped up inside after dinner.

I love that the sun sets around 9pm — though, try to explain daylight bedtime to an almost four-year-old who insists she doesn’t need to sleep while the sun is still up. Now that school is out, and Ramadan is around the corner, I’m sure both kids will get to stay up later and later until I just let them pass out on their own.

photo 5 (7)

Happy Canada Day!

Today we took advantage of all things free to celebrate Canada’s birthday. Second Cup was giving away free Italian Sodas, and we couldn’t pass up free bouncy castles, face painting and entertainment at Queen’s Park.


Colour coordinating hijab to a natural phenomenon is key.

In the past week we’ve played the tourist to squeeze in as much fun as we can before my in-laws wrap up their time here and return to Kuwait. I love that Ivy is at the age where she’s recognizing and reacting to new sights. The mist from the falls tickled her nose and she pointed wildly at the tour boat in the distance. She’s a great people watcher too and is quite happy just to sit in her stroller and watch people stride by.


Leave the city to take a picture of… the city.

We also took the family out to see the Toronto beaches for a relaxing afternoon. But I think I have to cut back on the Zombie films. I couldn’t help but imagine an emergency escape and survival plan when boarding the ferry-boat. While we were surrounded by hundreds of people slowly shuffling into the boat, I marked the quickest route to the top deck and tried to spot a fire axe. Then I stopped and realized that it just wasn’t worth it unless I knew all the variables — like whether or not they were fast or slow-moving zombies, or if they could swim.

Don’t worry, I don’t do this often.


Teaching the girls how to eat white clover.

In other news, Ivy no longer has to worry about gumming her food. Masha’allah, she’s popped out four teeth at once! And Eryn has turned into quite the storyteller and conversationalist. She held a symposium last week and invited everyone to take turns to speak about their favourite colours, seasons and what makes them feel frustrated. She then formed an all-girl rock band called, “TARDIS-girl and the Superheroes.” Honestly, where does she get this stuff? Now all that’s left to do is make sure she takes up letter writing, cursive and knitting and my brainwashing training will be complete.