On stewardship and spirituality:

Oma: Oh, don’t pick the flowers sweetie. Didn’t I tell you that we have to take care of the Earth?
Eryn: Yes, Oma! Allah is in everything. He protects Ivy and me.

The accidental joke:

Me: So, what’s your favourite season?
Eryn: I like Autumn the best because I always like to take a trip.
Me: A trip?
Eryn: I always fall.

On developing interpersonal skills: 

Eryn: Hi! My name is Eryn, do you want to play?
Endearingly snobbish girl: I’m five years old. I’m taller than you.
Eryn: …
Eryn: ….
Eryn: I’m a boy.


Me, elbow deep in a dirty diaper: ERYN! Can you please pass me a wipe?
Eryn: I’m busy!
Me: ERYN! Help me, please! Quick before your sister gets it all over the bed!
Eryn: Ask Rocky Mountains.
Me: Who?
Eryn: Rocky Mountains. My imaginary friend.
Me: Oh for crying… never mind.

All-around awesomeness

Eryn, overhearing some mall muzak: What’s that song?
Me: Hmmm? Oh, that’s the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Eryn: *laughing uncontrollably*
Me: What? Do you like that name?
Eryn: *giggling* Chilli Peppers! I want a band name when I grow up.
Me: And what would you call yourself?
Eryn: TARDIS Girl and the Superheroes!

Subconscious empathy:

A half-asleep, probably dreaming Eryn: Mama, I need water!
Me: Here you go…
Eryn: It’s empty!
Me: No sweetie, turn the cup so you can drink from the spout…
Eryn: IT’S EMPTY!!
Me: Would you like me to get you another cup?
Eryn: Maybe just blow a kiss. But do it ever so quietly so not to wake Ivy.

*falls asleep*