It’s been an extra-extra long weekend with ‘Eid falling right after Canadian Thanksgiving. Of course, this means lots of extra time for crafting.

One of the more lucky sheep.

One of the more lucky sheep on this blessed day.

We made festive autumn-inspired, Thanksgiving ‘Eid cards for all of our neighbours. Each card was accompanied by some candy and ribbon. It was amazing watching Eryn excitedly hang each treat bag on all the doors — and even more amazing seeing her beam with pride when we returned to see that the bags had disappeared.

Several neighbours have returned the favour by leaving the girls sweet thank you notes on our door, and it’s giving us all such a nice, warm, communal feeling.


Won’t you be my neighbour?

I’ve been thinking of starting a snail mail project to help Eryn learn the value of sending real, physical letters. Especially now that she’s learning how to write and really recognize her alphabet letters, I want to encourage her to love the art of writing. So, if you’re interested in receiving some finger paint art, send me your address. Seriously. We’ll send you something!

Popcorn for breakfast is perfectly acceptable for 'Eid.

Popcorn for breakfast is perfectly acceptable on ‘Eid. Or any day, really.

I’m also going to be *gasp* returning to work in *gulp* a couple of weeks. I have a few important posts I want to get out before that happens — but I also want to spend the rest of the month shoring up my resolve to leave my warm babies every morning, working on my LinkedIn profile, and getting caught up on Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Priorities, I know.

Once I’m into a good rhythm with work-life-mom balance I’ll be blogging much more regularly. I know I’ve let a couple of features, like the “muslim roundup,” slide over the past few months — much to my own personal pain since that’s seriously a fun post to pull together. But with a two-and-a-half hour commute every day, I’ll probably be writing a lot more again.

Happy ‘Eid everyone! Hope this weekend was fun, beneficial, and fulfilling for you all.