Winter in our part of Canada has certainly made itself known over the past few weekends. First it was snowmageddon with huge amounts of snow piling on top of the city.

And when I say “huge,” I mean several centimeters. The greater Toronto area grinds to a standstill the moment one snowflake hits the ground.

Creeping niqab is a must for winter.

Creeping niqab is a must for winter.

But there was certainly enough of the white stuff to make Eryn’s first snow angels. Ivy refused to leave my arms. You can tell she’s not happy.

In a serious turn of events, yesterday much of my area was hit with an intense ice storm that’s left 230,000 people without power.


Every branch on every tree sounds like it’s from a Tim Burton movie

We’re safe alhamdulillah. Yesterday I saw two transistors explode into a shower of dangerous sparks and smoke — but we still have power, and spent the afternoon clearing ice off neighbours’ driveways. Several hospitals and most of our city friends are without power still this morning. People are safe, and warming centres have been set up — but it’s quite the overwhelming situation to be in.

Especially considering that many are now preparing to celebrate the holidays in the dark.


Eryn kept asking why icicles melt — so we had a dance party to explain the motion of molecules.

So check on your neighbours. Some may not have power or may no longer have access to the charitable organizations that normally get them through this time of year. Everyone please stay safe.

We recently received this AMAZING letter in the mail, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to read it.

I have the BEST readers.

I have the BEST readers. Seriously.

I’ve shared a couple of examples from our pen pal program before, but this was just so incredibly heart-melting. It’s. So. CUTE! Eryn was overjoyed to get this letter and is already talking about her pen pal friends as if she’s met them in real life. Thank you to everyone who is making this project a success!

If you’d like a painted or written card from the girls, you can email me with your address.

Christmas carols, Super heroines, and great conversation.

Christmas carols, super heroines, and great conversation.

Last weekend we also joined fabuladies Footybedsheets and Krista from Muslimah Media Watch, for dinner. It was a lovely evening with riveting conversation on smashing the patriarchy, hijab (ugh), and amazing muslimahs.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season! Stay warm.