So while people lost their minds over a woman in hijab singing America the Beautiful in a Coke-a-Cola commercial, and the Islamic Monthly laid out a fantastic smack-down on why the satirical Hijab4Men should make you uncomfortable (hint: because infantalizing ANYONE on the basis of faith or in the name of piety sucks), and while hijab tourism, appropriation and World Hijab Day came and went with a fabulous counter hashtag, #NoToHijabAppropriation — I made a hijab tutorial.

Yes, after many requests I’ve joined the Legion of YouTubers and vloggers who primp and fuss and fantastically show off their many talents in the art of scarf tying — by making a “modest” (haha) video on how to do a turban twist. It took about 15 minutes to pull together, and while I’d love to include more cut scenes, animated graphics and guest spots — I may not be cut out for the world of vlogging.

In fact, you might get more out of the link drop above.