It’s certainly a busy time. So busy in fact, that my Monday moments have turned into a mid-week, lazy-photo-blogging update post.

Waited just long enough to take a picture before I started micromanaging.

Waited just long enough to take a picture before I started micromanaging.

We’re still in the process of moving.

In my perfect world moving just means picking up stuff from one place and taking it to another. In reality, we had to get rid of mold in the attic, fix up some water damage, paint, re-purpose a TV stand, replace floor boards and make a pantry out of some old crates before unpacking. So even though we’re two months into the new house, I still have plenty of boxes to go through.

Of course, while waiting for the big things to get done, I decided to work on the garden.

Can't imagine what the neighbours think.

Can’t imagine what the neighbours think.

I like seeing things *done* — and while I am an incredibly patient person, I don’t have the patience to wait for paint to dry just so I can unload box number 16 and put away the kids’ books. So instead of unpacking and leaving things on the floors, I planted.

And it’s pretty lovely, alhamdulillah, to be able to sit on my front porch drinking mint tea with herbs I grew in the backyard. The girls love watering (each other) and while we were prepping the land, really enjoyed helping me de-weed and plant all the pretty annuals. They play with worms and can now differentiate between spearmint, peppermint, oregano, basil and chives. I cannot express enough how thankful I am that we are now in a house.

It’s a completely different world from apartment-living.

Beyond bedazzling.

Beyond bedazzling.

So I may not know where all of my crafting supplies are being stored, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting crafty! This past weekend was the annual Steampunk street festival Steam on Queen and I added a few embellishments to Eryn’s and Ivy’s dresses to give them a little vintage feel.

I also geared up and attended the festival as a Victorian automaton robot. You know. Just because.

Steam On Queen 2014. Image credit: Bruce Walker.

Steam On Queen 2014. Image credit: Bruce Walker.

I’m currently obsessing over a band. A concept band that dress as automaton robots and sing a wide range of eclectic music (Hey, don’t judge. They’re phenomenal).Β So naturally, I HAD to dress up as one of the characters. Right? If you’re going to obsess, you might as well own it.

Besides, the geek in me thinks it’s really neat to say that I’m in love with a robot band.

A quick assembly that will soon be filled with treats.

A quick assembly that will soon be filled with treats.

And then it was a week before Ramadan.

I’m not sure how it’s sneaked up on me — but here we are with a few days to go insha’Allah before we’re completing 18 hour fasts, contemplating more on the divine (and less on the robotic), and cooking up family favourites to share with others.

Of course, in the move I lost our Ramadan Advent Calendar and had to make a new one — so I’ve been scrambling around trying to get everything ready in time.

My goals for this Ramadan are really simple. I’m going back to the basics. Insha’Allah reading the Qur’an in English and spending my time reflecting on its messages.

That’s it.

I’ve learned from the past that when I make grand plans to attend Taraweeh prayers, halaqas, or finding the time to recite the Qur’an cover-to-cover, I’m constantly thwarted by a lack of community support that’s not truly set up to accommodate mothers (or women for that matter), end up feel alienated from the community during the times I am unable to fast, or pressure myself into trying to accomplish a list of unrealistic goals.

And in the meantime, I’ve lost connection with the mosque.

So this year it will be all about finding that divine spark again. Nurturing it and insha’Allah sharing my reflections with all of you. What are your Ramadan plans? Regardless if you are fasting or not, how are you planning on celebrating this divine month?