photo 2Hello Sweetie,

You blow my mind. Constantly.

Lot’s of babies and toddlers are cute — but you seriously epitomize what it means to be cute. And not because I give you Beatles-esque bangs or because your cheeks are squishable and love being squished. It’s not because you have a melodious voice or squint your eyes and tilt your head when saying, “huh?”

It’s because you care.

You are now two years old and you have an amazing capacity to empathize. If I give you two cookies, you give one to your sister. If Oma gets a hug, everyone else in the room gets a hug. When your sister hurts herself, you’re right there to stroke her back. You serve everyone tea, water and pretend cookies. I love it when you come into the house to ask a question, and then leave but come back to say, “Thank you mama” — and leave again, only to return a third time… slowly poking your head around the corner because you know repetition is hilarious. Hilarious.

And this quality of caring and attention you give to others is incredibly endearing.

You have a natural affinity toward living things. You might be wary of some insects, but you are incredibly curious and have no problems holding earthworms. Big dogs startle you, which is understandable considering they’re twice your size — but give you the leash of a small puppy and you’re happy to give commands. Cats are your favourite and you will sit patiently — gently calling until a cat allows you to pet her. You “shoo” lazy sap beetles and chase dragonflies. I can’t wait for the day a butterfly lands on you.

You are incredibly vocal and are communicating in full sentences. “Thank you Mama.” “Mama, come here.” “Mama, more ice please.” Your story telling is developing in amazing ways. Through gestures and facial expressions, you weave intricate tales about your day: “Mama… Baba, Eryn, me park! Swing! WHEE!”

You tell jokes — which in your world means whispering, “poopy diaper” at unexpected times. And you’re a clown — enjoying making people laugh with your funny walks and quirky facial expressions.

But you can’t really say your “Rs” — and you have plenty of amazing reinterpretations for common words: dub-dub for butter; pack-a-pal for popsicle; na-num to nurse; lappy-pap-pap for lollipop; a-waikum-waikum for Assalamu ‘alaikum; and every colour is pink, unless it’s bool for blue.

I’ve learned to not pick fights with you. Just like me you are incredibly stubborn. Last week I showed you a picture of the Millenium Falcon, explaining that it was a spaceship. You countered that it was an “auto.” We went back and forth over this point a few times, until you grabbed my face in your tiny hands, looked me dead in the eyes and whispered, “aaaaauuuuuutttoooooooo.” You my dear, will be a force to be reckoned with when you grow up.

You’ve always been extremely easy going and I pray this continues. Because it can be pretty challenging when you demand things or scream at the top of your lungs. And boy, do you have a pair of lungs! But like a summer storm, it’s over quickly and as the clouds clear your smile and gentle nature shine brightly.

My darling, do you know how amazing you are?

There is nothing more precious than sitting next to you, enjoying our afternoon tea (because you love your tea!) and watching the wind whisper through the leaves. You are soulful my love, down-to-earth and in love with life.

May Allah Bless you and keep you always.