Recently, Eryn has been asking a lot of questions about God, heaven, and death. I think it’s her way of trying to put together some concepts that are floating around her periphery — God lives everywhere and is in everything, people, plants and animals die, and where we go after death.

We’ve had some pretty interesting discussions and I was lucky to catch one on audio. So here’s the second installment of our unofficial “podcast.” Ivy is having her hair dried with a hairdryer so there’s a little background noise — and I’m at the stove making pancakes. Yes, I do indeed drop one while flipping it in the air and you can hear me waffling trying to answer some of her amazing questions:

Why are we going back to heaven?

How did God make us?

Won’t we miss our home because heaven is a long ways away?

Can you ask God if he can take all of the people to Queen’s Land?

It’s quite the apt weekend snapshot of the wood turtle homestead, without all of the usual chaos.

Fer sure, eh?