This past weekend was our sixth anniversary! So the Hubby decided to surprise me with tickets to Toronto’s FanExpo!

I was inches away from the most spectacular John Rhys Davies (Indiana Jones, LOTR), Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Lou Ferrigno (THE Hulk) and John Barrowman (Torchwood). Inches!

I could have gone for the, “these are not the droids you’re looking for” pose — but last minute pulled a Fay Wray.

We listened to John Barrowman give a Q&A where he spoke about fighting against LGTBQ stereotypes in media representations, and serenaded the audience with Phantom’s “All I Ask of You” in a fan duet.

The entire day was amazing and totally worth going just to see all of the fantastic people in costume.

I have future plans to market this as the “Dalek Burqa.”

Eryn was wary of the Stormtroopers, but was excited to see any and all robots, faeries, furries, and of course, The Doctor.

Ivy and my “official companions” pose.

I love these two. I actually recognized this Doctor from online pictures of him at another convention — and was quite happy to find him in Toronto. The TARDIS costume is also one of the best I have ever seen. Well done and welcome to Internet fame (again)!

Finally, a little eye candy.

Just as I pulled Ivy from the sling, John looked at me and took a swig from his water bottle. Our eyes met and he raised his eyebrows with my-mouth-is-full-of-water-so-here’s-some-raised-eyebrows-in-lieu-of-a-smile. *melt*

Breakfast with an alien.

I’ve been invaded.

Ever since Christmas Eve, an alien has latched onto my daughter — and now it’s latching on to me.

It’s ensnared the entire family with its black beady eyes, cute smiling grin and innocent white marshmallow-fluff-like shape.

Eryn can’t go anywhere or do anything without it. This new family addition has become her best friend and she shares simply everything with it. Everything.

Including me.


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Alternate universes. Causal time loops. Perception filters. Sonic screwdrivers. Roundels. Creatures and stories beyond imagination. Time travel in a blue 1960s-style London police box. Sexy British men in a variety of amusing outfits. The Doctor, a brilliant man of two hearts, traversing time and space with his equally sexy and (usually) brilliant companions – saving humanity, alien species or time itself from a vast host of evil threats. Put it all together and you get my favourite television programming of all time: Doctor Who.

So imagine my absolute fan girl surprise when they introduced a Muslim character into a recent episode, “The God Complex.” For a few brief moments my heart soared with excitement at the very thought that there would be a Muslim in the TARDIS.

And then they promptly killed her off.

A Muslim in the TARDIS? No way!

Because she was such an enjoyable and positive character, some podcasters and fans within the Whoniverse have expressed surprise that Rita, the “almost companion” had to die. But the more I thought about how her story played out the more I realised that the focus on Rita’s religion was just convenient tool to drive the plot. Which makes her death even more unfortunate, as her faith and strength as a character is pivotal to the story itself – a story about exposing your very soul through terror.