My brain is a big, old attic — and stuffed away in the corner is a lovely trunk. The brass corners add a hint of complicated depth against the dark wood. Dust and scratches mar the trunk’s once glowing carvings — but upon closer inspection, one can see this this trunk was loved and should be loved again.

It is now covered with a crocheted blanket and a pile of books keeps the lid closed. But once in a while, the lid rattles against the weight of the books and a puff of wind lifts a corner of the blanket. And I’m so curious to see what’s knocking about inside. What wonders might pour out if I’m just a little bit brave.

But I’m afraid to open it. Because it’s been so long. And the longer I keep the trunk closed, the more afraid I become.

If I open it, will I have to keep it open forever? What if I just want to take a peek?

So this is me. Just taking a peak.

A lot has happened in the world over the past year and I have a lot of ideas brewing. Thank you for sticking around and checking out the place once in a while even though I have been woefully absent. I know you’re out there because I still get comments. I still get emails. And I still get visits. Thank you for your patience as I figure things out.

But this is just a peek… so I’ll go first with one of my favourites: some lazy photo-blogging.

We got a cat.


His name is Leto and he’s adorable. He’s also a lot bigger than he is in this picture. I mean come on, just LOOK at the size of his paws. He’s a massive cat and fetches his toys. I’ve also underestimated just how much one animal can shed (the hair is worth its weight in purrs!).


Eryn is six-and-a-half! And she is a force to be reckoned with. Eryn constantly needs to be doing, dancing, playing or entertaining. The Energizer bunny has nothing on her.


Ivy is three-and-a-half! And is already her own person. She enjoys playing with her toys and can spend hours ordering coins, beads, or toy cars into straight lines. Just don’t tell Ivy what to wear. She will figure that out for herself, thank you very much.


I started making jewelry.

IMG_9885 (1)

And figured out how to greyscale myself using makeup — just so I could rock some hijabi cosplay of a 1927 silent film star for an afternoon.

But perhaps the most important thing to happen this past year was Quinn.


Say hello to baby Quinn everyone.

Masha’Allah, Alhamdulillah.

My budding photographer is at it again.

Eryn’s new pastime is taking pictures. Pictures with phones, cameras, play phones and failing that: with rectangular pieces of cardboard. I never thought cardboard coupons would make excellent camera phones. I guess our reliance on the mobile has something to do with her obsession.

Welcome to the third trimester! Again, she’s the ideal photographer. Or perhaps I feel bigger than I look.

Since everyone else has decided to judge my body and tell me if I’m too big, too small, carrying in the hips, carrying in the shoulders, having a boy, having a girl, having a baby… tell me what you think I’m carrying. I can’t wait to do an official poll once we hit the 9 month mark. Which is only a little over a month away!

So, is piling up shoes in a messy, haphazard fashion *just* a Muslim thing? Or do others deal with this too?

I can’t believe there are only three of us in our little majlis.

And one of us insists on being a barefoot faerie in the middle of winter.

(*cough* to be fair, the messy shoes belong to Eryn and myself)