So this past weekend, for the seventh year running, thousands of Muslims descended upon my town for the annual Muslimfest. We had a pretty great time.

Hijabs, jilbabs, beards, niqabs, tank-tops, Ramadan decorations, balloons, books, CDs, DVDs, fancy outfits, toys, halal fast food, organic-free-range halal food, ice cream, bouncy castles, Muslim rap, Muslim comedians, movies, plays, graffiti art, religious devotionals, children’s shows, shari’a-compliant mortgages, and of course, camels!

Baba and Eryn making camel noises to the camel.

Men's and Women's prayer sections -- side-by-side! How progressive!

A small crowd listens to religious devotionals in Urdu. It had a wild spiritual revival feel to it with swaying, outstretched arms.

Grafiti art representing the Arab Spring.

The bazaar reminded me so much like a souq in Kuwait.

Eryn getting down to some awesome Islamic R&B. That's right sweetie, do the wave.